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to all the new titles

  • Lori and Voodoo - BH
  • Heather and Havok - BH
  • Leigh and Nar - BH
  • Leigh and Gia - BH
  • John and Bak - BH
  • John and Xett - BH
  • Trae and Shredder - IPO1
  • Andrew and Csabre - APr3

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Working Dobermans of Kentucky is a UDC member club made up of Doberman owners, breeders, trainers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts who share the common goal and vision of developing, supporting, promoting, and advancing the working Doberman Pinscher. We are dedicated to providing education, training, and support to each other as well as the local Doberman Pinscher and working dog communities. Working Dobermans of Kentucky offers both public and private support, breeder referral, training, working trials, and educational events. Our members and their dogs participate in a variety of venues including obedience, conformation, search and rescue, IPO, agility, tracking, lure coursing, and much more. We welcome all current and perspective Doberman owners.

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